Virtual assistant that can analyse your sample and help to find sample separation faster!

Include procedures and automated algorithms for small and large molecules for very fast and detailed optimization including automated impurity profiling.

Based on theory and practice of liquid chromatography

Different types of liquid chromatography are supported

Applies numerical methods and makes predictions and decisions with a high degree of accuracy to data processing and analysis

Suitable for analysing simple and the most challenging mixtures

Method development made easy – no prior knowledge required. Software will study your sample and search for separation

Initial practical methods are created in very short time

Special procedures for large molecules and biopharmaceuticals

Detailed analysis full profiling of all compounds within the sample

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Significant savings of time and money for HPLC method development laboratories

The system automatically controls your instrument and analyses the results, allowing for an efficient method development process without the need for prior knowledge. Developer uses information from each run to adjust the conditions for the next one, with the goal of finding the optimal method for your sample. The software offers different tasks depending on the goal your project.

ChromSwordAuto is your assistant for all project stages – from very earlier and rapid to final quality control methods

Artificial intelligence offers unique help for method development

ChromSword Developer mimics a human method developer by making decisions based on a data collected from each run. Such approach saves time for the analyst and can run unattended overnight and weekends. Automation of method development significantly reduce risk of a human error and achieve full sample profiling.

While system analyses the sample, analyst can focus method development plan!

No previous data or method needed

To start working with Developer you do not need to have any data from previous runs or methods in advance. All you need is the sample and instrument. The system intelligently analyses the sample and conditions where peaks are eluted and focuses on these areas for method development. Such approach allows Developer to "think outside of the box" and evaluate conditions that will lead to more effective and efficient method development.

Support of different chromatography types

ChromSword Developer supports method development for reverse-phase, ion-pair, normal-phase and ion-exchange chromatography. ChromSword Developer also support chiral samples and has special procedures for large molecules.

Automated control over an instrument

ChromSword Developer provide full control over Agilent, Waters instruments. For these instrument user does not need to have another data system and can fully control instrument only using ChromSword tools. It is possible to create sequences from user defined conditions to most complicated automated conditions.

Procedure for rapid method development within 1 hour

ChromSword Developer is the only software that uses unique procedure for rapid method development by making only 3 or 4 runs. This procedure is very valuable in early stages of method development when it is necessary to obtain reasonable methods in a very short time. It also helps analyst to evaluate multiple columns and solvents in detail understanding the selectivity and separation capacity at the same time.

Detailed procedure for development of best isocratic and gradient methods after screening

Fine optimisation searches for the most promising separation of your sample by adjusting gradient profile.
It performs detailed analysis and impurity profiling to develop best isocratic and gradient conditions for the separation of your sample. This procedure ensures that no peaks are missed and best possible methods are found.

Special algorithms for large molecules

New ChromSword Developer includes specially improved algorithms for large molecules that have been engineered in the past decade. With our expertise knowledge added to the software, system tries to find an optimal gradient separation of large molecules such as protein or oligonucleotides. This allows for a faster and more efficient development process for these complex samples that might seem inseparable.

Advanced reporting tools that simplify data analysis

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ChromSword Chromeleon Connect

ChromSword Chromeleon Connect is a new solution for users of Vanquish and Ultimate 3000 instruments, which allows for seamless integration with Chromeleon software. This integration enables users to take advantage of the benefits offered by both ChromSword and Chromeleon, providing an enhanced chromatography data system experience.